Why the New Atheists are Winning | Blog | Think Theology


Highly recommended blog this one. Check it out.

Why the New Atheists are Winning | Blog | Think Theology.


2 thoughts on “Why the New Atheists are Winning | Blog | Think Theology

  1. I have looked at it and it doesn’t say much that is helpful. He doesn’t show how New Atheists as he wants to call us are failing in reason, just says we are appealing to human emotions which I think is the business of religion. We appeal to reason and only that so if religion is sensible then that should be the benchmark and as I have always said, Pascal is not the best in apologetics. He was a good scientist but a bad theologian

  2. Cheers for your comment. To be honest, this is more a post for my Christian readers to gain a sense of why Atheism as an ideology has such a mass appeal recently.

    I actually agree that, a lot of modern atheistic argument has its focus primarily on ridicule rather than reason. Don’t misquote me here, there is a philosophical reasoning behind it but ridicule comes first. Look at some of the key texts these guys are publishing, ‘the God DELUSION’, ‘God is not great’ (he actually talks about religion being poisonous) etc.

    “They begin by showing their audience that your God is blood-thirsty, arbitrary, and gains pleasure from the eternal conscious torment of large swaths of humanity to bring himself “glory”.”

    that is the first line of attack in a pascalesque argument from an atheist perspective. I have seen this exact reasoning in several of your own posts, let alone some of the more famous atheists.

    “Second, they have shown that Christian Theism is not attractive for it makes human beings into well-documented lunatics who start wars in the name of their god, who are irrational and condemnatory, and whose political preferences will destroy human freedom.”

    Again, seen this very argument made by your good self!

    Keep engaging me with challenging discourse, it’s great to share ideas with a rational thinker such as yourself.

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