I’m Joe,

I’m a 20 something taking a year out to serve my local Church in order to grow in God and glorify him.

This year has been incredible for me and God has taught me so so much. I am beyond excited about my future in Christ and look forward to sharing that journey with you here.

God bless.


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Joe, hey hope you are well.
    I have had the time to read through almost your blog posts and I would like to know from you what you understand atheism to mean.

    I would like to hear from you what evidence you had of god that led you to christianity?

    How do you know you are serving the right god and how do you explain your rejection of all the other gods known to man?

    Am also interested a bit in knowing what you think of the influence your girlfriend or rather the lady you must have fallen in love with had on your belief or lack thereof?

    On the posts conversation with atheists how can one pack all the justifications for atheism in 140 letters not words? Has it occurred to you that you may have created a strawman to attack and ended up misrepresenting the tweeters you mention?

    • hey, was just typing a long winded reply when it suddenly dissipated! I a going to be a little bit more concise this time because it’s getting late.

      I understand Atheism in the literal and typical sense of the word. When I was an atheist, it meant that I did not believe in any kind of God/deity/flying spaghetti monster etc.

      As for my evidence of God that led e to where I am now… Some of it I have covered inn this blog and shan’t rehash it here but, I will add to that.

      I have always been a keen reader and, it was through reading that most of my sceptical barriers were trodden down. I had always been a fan of rational thinking and reason based decision making and, for that reason, when I met Gem and it became apparent we took a different stance on our world-views, I had to read up on her side of the argument. I read the Bible but I also read a bunch of other books.
      Some of the arguments that took me from absolute rejection of any form of God through to a clear faith in the God of the bible were:
      Mere Christianity, C.S Lewis
      If God then what? Andrew Wilson
      Deluded by Dawkins, also by Wilson.
      The Magic Man in the Sky, by Carl Gallups
      as well as a few others.
      I also watched a short documentary on youtube called: Zeitgeist refuted which refuted some pretty big doubts I once held over Christianity.

      The next question ties in to the first as, most of the books I listed also form a very logical and coherent argument towards the true God being the one described in the Bible.
      As it took these exceptionally gifted writers an entire book to argue their case, I’m not even going to attempt to here instead, I shall merely point you to that short list of books and say, read them.

      The influence my girlfriend had was varied at different points during my journey to faith.
      At the start she was so exasperated with my stubborn, adamant, position that she almost always chose silence in favour of argument. At that point it was less influence and more a realisation on my part that I hadn’t done enough to see the argument from her perspective.

      As I opened up to the possibility of a God obviously her influence increased on me. She was able to recommend people for me to talk to about doubts I had etc.

      As for the conversations with Atheists series I’m doing; I understand all too well the limitations in sufficiently describing personal reasons behind an entire world view in 140 characters!
      The intention was to dig beneath the initial 140 character, ‘tweet’ and understand a fundamental aspect of common arguments brought against faith.
      I do not intend this series to be my final attempt at discourse with Atheists as I firmly believe there is room for more enjoyable and intelligent debate.

      If you have any suggestions on some topics you, as an atheist, might like to see me cover, I’d be more than happy to consider them and even discuss with you over email in advance of me publishing anything here.

      Thanks for taking the time to read through my blog. I’m off to browse yours some more.


      • Joe, you don’t need to start with an apology of being short on time. There is no urgency, respond when you get time, I will not complain as long as you respond, are we ok?
        While you were an atheist, what books written by atheists did you read and I would like to know where you found them to be inadequate. This may require a long post, so you may do it as a blog on it’s own that way we keep your about page free of long and winding comments. I hope you find this agreeable.

        The intention was to dig beneath the initial 140 character, ‘tweet’ and understand a fundamental aspect of common arguments brought against faith

        I think to do this and have your basis as their tweeter feeds is not being objective. It would be more productive to you and your readers if you engaged this person before you draw conclusions from 140 letters.
        Thanks for visiting and am all for conversation.

  2. I will think about writing that post however, it is not my current priority. Can tell you a few books off the top of my head though: The God delusion, God is not great, the end of faith and a few others.

    As I have said, the blog post with tweets is just one of the many ways I intend to engage with atheists in conversation and isn’t my last attempt at it. I’m sticking to this format for the time being as my time available for this is limited and it allows me to remain consistent. I am fully aware of the limitations of a medium like twitter and know that there is more to the individual tweeters’ arguments.

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